Conference Testimonials

Dr. Nelson Baker, Inaugural Interim Dean, Lifetime Learning, Georgia Tech

 "Attending IACEE conferences gives me the global context and insights I need to create and operate meaningful programs that help to upskill and reskill workers.  Having just a one country viewpoint is no longer sufficient in a globally connected world, with companies who operate globally and with students who study globally.  Being with and learning from attendees from across the globe is where IACEE events, membership and conversation excel. "

Dr. Yakut Gazi, Inaugural Vice Provost for Learning Innovation and Digital Education, Duke University

IACEE Conferences are where the boldest thinkers in STEM and lifetime education meet and recommit to expand the impact of our institutions and increase access to global education. The collaborative and collegial spirit we have in IACEE is hard to come by.  I always look forward to seeing my IACEE colleagues and learning from them.

Katriina Schrey-Niemenmaa, Senior Advisor and Chair of the Board of Educational Policy, Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland

"It has been very beneficial to attend the World Conferences on Continuing Engineering Education organised by IACEE. These have provided great opportunities to learn from the experiences of the leading providers and successful users of continuing education services. Additionally getting feedback to my own thoughts and methods has led to significant initiatives, which have been developed back at home. Being part of the innovative and friendly group, which is truly global, has created several new ways of cooperation and led to real projects. In addition I have been able to share the global wisdom I acquired with my local networks."  

Robert Prakash, CTO and managing Director, Product and Finance, Stanford Online

"The IACEE World Conference provides unparalleled opportunities for networking and learning within the continuing engineering education community. It allows me to stay abreast of the latest trends, share my knowledge, and engage in a global exchange of ideas and cultures, enriching both my professional and personal life."