The full conference program is available here: 2024 Conference Program

IACEE is pleased to be holding the 19th World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education on May 21-24, 2024, in Comillas and Santander, Spain. Our host is the IFE Europe, a collaborative venture of the Tecnologico de Monterrey Institute for the Future of Education (IFE) and the University of Cantabria.  Comillas is a beautiful town near Satander, Spain, surrounded by extraordinary landscapes and contains majestic architecture. It is famously known as the "Town of the Bishops", with deep rooted history in the Middle Ages.

The theme of the conference is Continuing Engineering Education for a Sustainable Future.

  • Emerging Roles, Evolving Skills and Industry 5.0: Are we ready? Reskilling and upskilling revolution especially in digital data science and data management since that is where the future of work is trending.
  • SDGs for Sustainability: What are the evolving structures? Engineers can help us build for a sustainable future e,g, data scientists build digital stores, AI for environmental goals. 


1. CEE Technology and Innovation Trends

Topics of interest include CEE challenges through technology-enhanced education; education meeting the demands of a technology-based labor market; CEE in the era of digital learning gaps; AI tools for training, teaching, and coaching the workforce; future skills and industry 5.0 in organizations; quality assessment tools in professional development programs

2. CEE for a Sustainable Future

Topics of interest include impact of global risks on the preparation of future workforce; re-skilling and upskilling workers for a sustainable future; regulations and policies for sustainable CEE; advocacy actions related to sustainability; academic-industry partnerships and on CEE sustainability; impacts of the green transition on labor market opportunities.

3. CEE for a Diverse and Inclusive Future

Topics of interest include emerging trends and approaches in DEI and social justice; creating DEI environments for the workforce of the future; CEE in developing countries (training initiatives in Latin America and Africa); workforce and immigrants, refugees, older and younger people, and women; drivers of change in the processes of job creation and job destruction; micro-credentials as a tool for an inclusive society.