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Conference Transportation

To view the coordinated bus routes and schedules during the conference, please see this file

The majority of conference attendees have chosen lodging in Comillas, so there are no organized buses from Santander to Comillas during the conference. If you are staying in Santander, we can arrange taxis for the 22nd, 23rd and 24th, from Santander train station to the Pontifical Seminary, leaving at 08:30 and returning at the end of each day's activities. Please let Camille Howard at know if you need transportation from Santander train Station to Pontifical Seminary.

The taxi services in Spain are safe. Below is a list of proposed contacts if you need a taxi during the conference. You can also take a taxi at the Santander airport to Comillas, and back. 

19th IACEE World Conference - TAXI Information



Web site

Tele Taxi Santander

+34 942343434

Taxi Diaz Cabezon

+34 661977989

Taxi Carlos Santander

+34 646166915

Taxi Azucena Ramon

+34 617973162

Radiotaxi Santander

+34 942333333

The average cost of the journey from Santander Airport to Hotel Abba Comillas is between 80-100 Eur.

Comillas, Spain - A Hidden Gem

Comillas is a tranquil haven rich in history and unparalleled beauty in the serene region of Cantabria. The IFE Europe, housed in a stunning blend of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, was once part of the peaceful Comillas Pontifical University (Universidad Pontificia Comillas). This private Catholic institution has since moved to Madrid.

Comillas has other historically important places, such as Palacio de Sobrellano, an architectural masterpiece that showcases a unique blend of architectural styles. Another top attraction is the Capricho de Gaudí, an imaginative building designed by the world-renowned architect Antoni Gaudí. After the conference, we will have an optional trip to Gaudi’s architectural masterpiece on Friday, May 24.

To learn more about Comillas, visit these pages:



Santander, Spain - A Vibrant Port City in Cantabria Region

If you're seeking a vibrant city with a lively atmosphere, Santander is the place for you. Bursting with international and local cuisine, museums, and a bustling city center, Santander offers a vibrant experience like no other. The airport is a short ride from the city center, with many moderate-price hotels available.

Often recognized as one of the prettiest cities in the world, this Cantabrian city has green mountain landscapes, white sand beaches, and stately mansions with blended architecture. The must-see places are the Pre-history and Archeological Museum of Cantabria, Centro Botin – a cultural center, the 13th Century Cathedral, and numerous beaches.

For more information about Santander, visit these pages:



Where Should You Stay?

The choice is yours, depending on the ambiance you prefer. During the conference, taxis will pick up attendees from the Santander train station in the morning and drop them off at the same place in the evening. The station is a short 8–10-minute walk from the city center. The bus ride will take about 45 minutes each way.  Buses will pick up attendees from the Abba Comillas Hotel and Hotel Solatorre in Comillas each morning and drop them off in the evening. 

Accomodations in Comillas

Despite being a small town, Comillas boasts hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and apartment rentals. We recommend the following places.

(1)     The Abba Comillas Golf Hotel has a block of rooms reserved for IACEE Council members. Not reserved rooms will be released for the conference attendees at a special rate (85 Euros for a single room or 100 Euros for a double room). We will update this page on March 30th, when rooms will be available.

(2)     Hotel Comillas – Approximately 60-70 Euros per night

(3)     Hotel Solatorre - 75 euros average per night

(4)     La Solana Montenesa—the rate varies, but it is around 70-80 Euros per night. This is a wonderful bed and breakfast place.

Attendees who do not want to walk in the hilly areas will be picked up from Abba Hotel and Hotel Solatorre every day and dropped off there. For more lodging choices, please visit You will also find more information about Comillas, including a map of the town, at

Accomodations in Santander

There are many places to stay in Santander. You can stay near the seashore or in the city center. The following are the hotels we recommend.

(1)     Hotel Bahia - 109 euros / 118 USD average per night

(2)     Hotel NH - 112 euros / 121 USD average per night

(3)     Hotel Santemar - 120 euros / 129 USD average per night

(4)     Hotel Soho Boutique - 140 euros / 151 USD average per night

Planning Your Trip

  • For domestic participants and participants from Europe:

    The nearest domestic airport to Comillas is Santander (SDR) Airport [recommended], 23.7 miles away. Other nearby airports include Bilbao (BIO) (70.2 miles) and Asturias (OVD) (88.7 miles).  You can take a bus from Bilbao (BIO) to Comillas via Bilbao Intermodal, Bilbao, and Santander in around four hours 28m. See bus schedules. Taxis are available from the Santander airport to Comillas. It will cost you 80-100 Euros one way by taxi, depending on the traffic.

    Depending on the traffic. The taxi to the Santander city center will cost about 15 Euros. The Santander airport's airlines are Iberia, Air Nostrum, Vueling, Ryan Air, and Malta Air. There are several flights from Madrid and Barcelona, and one flight a day from Rome, Valencia, etc. Bilbao Airport is a larger airport with flights from Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris, Dusseldorf, Brussels, etc. The airlines that serve the Bilbao airport include Air Nostrum, Air Europa, etc.

  • For international participants: The nearest international airport to Comillas is Madrid (MAD) Airport, which is 286.9 miles away. You can take a train or bus to Santander and then travel to Comillas. But the best way to get to Comillas is via plane to Santander (SDR) Airport. The two airlines that fly nonstop from Madrid to Santander [1-hour 10-minute flight] are Vueling and Iberia. You can also take a flight to Bilbao and then take a train to Santander or a bus to Comillas via Santander. Taxis are available from the Bilbao airport to Comillas. It will cost you 150-200 Euros one way by taxi, depending on the traffic.